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  • UQGD-25

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    Pre-Owned Quincy Quiet Enclosed 25 HP Base Mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressor

    Quincy Model QGD-25, helical screw, single stage, oil flooded, air cooled compressor incorporates latest asymmetrical rotor design.  The rotors are Direct driven by a 25 horse power, 460 Volt 60 Cycle ODP enclosure electric motor.  Back to back duplex tapered roller bearings on the discharge of air end provide superior radial and axial load-carrying capability for reliability and long air end life.
    Compressor Model QGD-25
    Air capacity at full load pressure: 115 CFM
    Full load pressure: 125 PSIG
    Unload pressure: 140 PSIG
    Service line connection size: 1" NPT
    Dimensions: 59.7" L x 30.9" W x 57.6" H
    1) After cooler with moisture separator and automatic drain
    2) Modulation with Auto-Dual control- shuts compressor down during periods of low demand then     waits in stand by mode to automatically restart when the plant pressure falls below user adjusted     set point.
    3) Triple lip shaft seal with scavenge system on the air end helps prevent costly oil leaks.
    4) Oversized cylindrical roller bearings on suction side of air end carry radial load and add to     compressor reliability.
    5) Standard Controls -p Gauge Package 

    6) NEMA 4 electrical controls
    7) TEFC fan motor
    8) Factory filled with Quin-Syn Plus premium synthetic lubricant
    9) Service technician for start up and commissioning
    10) Spin on separator element
    11) Heavy Duty Inlet filter
    12) Spin on oil filter element
    13) Separate fan motor
    14) Direct Drive No Belts or Gears
    Fully Enclosed Enclosure

  • Warranty: 90 Days

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